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Whily & Mikey

Posted by Cakes Grace 18/04/2020 0 Comment(s)


'Flavours of Change'


Whily & Mikey, two neighboring mice, having a conversation under a tree after they were caught and let out of the house.


Whily – Hey Mikey, what are you wondering while looking at the stars!!
Mikey – Nothing, I was just thinking why do these humans always keep cheese or breads to get us into a trap.. I don’t like them.


Whily – Wait! What? What are you saying? For generations we have always been known for the love of cheese.
Mikey – Poooff!! I surrendered myself to cheese today, when I saw them bringing in the Pizza. They didn’t even share it with me but I just gave in.


Whily – So you want them to give their food to you or just put it down as a trap for you?
Mikey – Oh no! I am just saying that I am bored of the same flavour, bored of cheese. I want to try different things, new flavours, I want to be tempted for real – it’s only one life that I have, no Whily?


Whily – Well there’s definitely a point in what your saying. Humans do all the medical experiments on us and when it’s time to experiment with food we simply cease to exist for them.
Mikey – Honestly Whily, I have seen even humans failing at it. The 10 year old, whose house I was in before being chucked out – every other night she used to ask her father to get her vanilla ice cream and I always wondered why would she ask for the same flavour every time!? Was it because she was under our influence? Did she fear she might not like other flavours of ice cream?


Whily – Human mind registers the taste just like it registers an image inside it. You know humans hold on to memories right!?
Mikey – What do u mean?


Whily – I am saying not everyone feels at liberty to let go of their favourite flavours.
Mikey – Oh okay buddy… just hold that thought there, did you not like the peanut butter Mehra’s gave you last month? What about the hazelnut spread?


Whily – Oh my! Please don’t remind me of that. I am drooling over it already.
Yes, its only the last month that I ate peanut butter for the first time in my life and gosh, it was amazing.
So your saying you won’t know what you like until you try!?
Mikey – That’s exactly my point. And what humans do is that they choose for themselves, they don’t eat all of what they are offered, they choose what to eat... and when they do so sometimes they end up eating the same flavour every time. This, my dear, limits their taste buds and they never find out about the divinity they are denying themselves of!


Whily – Peanut butter for sure is divine. 
Mikey – Yeah don’t you ever let one flavour define your saturation.


Keep exploring. Keep trying new flavours.
I will see you around, feeling hungry already!



― Sakshi Aurora, Whily & Mikey

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