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Why Gifts Matter

Posted by Cakes Grace 23/09/2018 0 Comment(s)


Why Gifts Matter


A gift, no matter how small, is a statement that you care about someone. It is a gesture of love and peace that can make an enormous difference to a person. Acts of kindness are very important, but a gift endures in a way that an act of kindness doesn’t. It is something physical that can rekindle memories years on.


We have become too wrapped up in materialism; that too many of us judge the value of a gift by its price, or feel embarrassed if we don’t have money to spend on presents. What is important in a gift is the thought behind it, not the money spent on it. A handmade card made with love is much more valuable that the most expensive present.


The act of giving benefits the giver as well as the person who is receiving the gift. While we should always give with a pure heart, with joy, expecting nothing in return, we will frequently feel the benefits ourselves. Giving is an act of love that comes back on to us and multiplies our own blessings.


By Lorna Byrne (Sunday Times #1 Best Selling Author)

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